Mask O’clock ® Bidirectional protection Reusable Mask provides safety which is a result of the three-structure parts:

(1)The outer part made of poplin fabric (which is generally used to manufacture medical and surgical uniforms). It is durable for continuous use (washing at 60 o C and ironing at high temperature for a minimum time of 5 sec).

(2)The high-level protective inner filter consists of the 5 layers: a special activated carbon sheet sealed between two meltblown sheets and two non-woven sheets.

(3 The nose-bridge metal strip is fitted in a special pocket-case so it can be removed to wash and iron the outer fabric material and then to be repositioned easily. It is made of aluminium and will withstand consecutive folding to mould to the shape of the nose. Easily reverts to its primary shape to facilitate the storage of the mask.

The product has CE certification, and BFE>99% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) test results from Nelson Labs. The company implements ISO 13485:2016 from TÜV Austria Hellas certification company and ISO 9001:2015 from DQS GmbH certification company and complies with the principles and guidelines of good practice in the distribution of medical devices according to M.D.(Ministerial Decision) [DΥ8δ/G.P.oik/1348/2004].



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